Reel Purpose

Creative collaborations for a better world

  • Innovation in Creative Funding

  • Disruption in Marketing

  • Addressing Social Issues

  • Fostering Independent Creativity


We’re building a community of creators, enablers, and advocates collaborating around social impact themes through powerful creative content.

Your input and feedback are invaluable to us in developing a tailored service that’s fit for purpose.

In the meantime, have a read through what we’re about, and why.

Our Mission

Reel Purpose facilitates creative collaborations between independent content creators and commercial partners ranging from brands, agencies, and media owners.

Based in the UK, our service is dedicated to commercial collaborations that address social issues and causes.

We exhibit carefully selected independent projects to relevant organisations, helping creators attract partnerships with entities that wish to advocate and support their projects through full or part-funding, sponsorship, endorsement, and wider exposure.

For Creators. The Makers.

  • Filmmakers

  • Documentary makers

  • YouTubers

  • Podcasters

  • Event creators

Creators are always making thought-provoking content that stand-out in today’s ultra-competitive market.

From ambitious filmmakers, talented documentarians to podcasters and artists, Reel Purpose works with inspiring independent creators who have great projects that require the right partners.

  • Exhibit your projects to established partners that align with your content’s cause and purpose.

  • Get powerful endorsements and support for your creative projects

  • Gain invaluable and wide-reaching advocacy, leading to increased viewing opportunities and a bigger impact

  • Enhance your creative reel and portfolio with prominent creative partnerships

For Entities. The Enablers

  • Brands

  • Non-Governmental Organisations

  • Foundations and Charities

  • Agencies

  • Publishers & Broadcasters

The landscape is changing. There is a need to adapt to a rapidly evolving socially conscious consumer market. 

Brands and organisations are no longer bystanders that merely want to sell us things. They are key players in leading the solutions to society's challenges and advocates of building a better world. 

  • Discover creative projects relevant to your objectives

  • Source exciting and relevant opportunities in early or work in progress stages

  • Think outside the box with an alternative approach to the traditional creative briefing and RFP processes.

  • Enhance the cultural status of your brand, support independent content creation, become advocates for powerful purposes.

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Our Rationale

Independent creators make impactful content passionately, ranging from films, documentaries, podcasts, art, and music.

Through the power of creative and purposeful entertainment, content makers can address societal issues and causes. 

Coupled with our evolving media consumption habits, now more than ever, the power of creative content to shape the world we live in is prominent.

But to do this, creators need funding, sponsorship, and support from the leading brands and organisations that are similarly advocates for the issues and challenges that impact our day-to-day lives. 

The rise of socially conscious consumers has reached a level where buyers expect companies to act in certain ways toward social issues.

There is an urgent need to facilitate the growth of independent creative sectors, where the existing funding landscape is sparse, it is now more so due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Our Purpose

To raise awareness of important societal themes through impactful content, by stimulating the cultural economy and passionate creatives with powerful ideas.

Our Objectives

To give independent content-makers a gateway to advocates that share similar values, forming inspiring partnerships that make purposeful entertainment content with strong narrative contexts.

To give commercial entities a doorway to some of the freshest independent content opportunities through pioneering partnerships that challenge the conventional norms of what a “creative partnership” looks like and an alternative form of cause-based marketing.



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