Abu Dhabi Culinary Season

Brand Refresh & Campaign

What is ADCS?

An annual six-week food festival which celebrates Abu Dhabi’s global food influences, world-class restaurants and acclaimed chefs, while also presenting delicious offers and foodie-centric events. It features local and international chef talent, limited edition menus, exclusive offers and engaging competitions offering something for all palettes and price points. Last year’s event attracted over 100,000 residents and international visitors, as well as more than 300 participating restaurants across AD, generating 8M AED in additional revenue for the industry. What is its purpose? To position Abu Dhabi as a global dining destination, home to a geographically-expansive and culturally unique culinary landscape.

The Concept

The Culinary Arches

In order to ensure a certain level of continuity and consistency in its second year, we maintained ADCS’ powerful brand symbol and gave it a refresh. We cleaned it up by getting rid of the kitchen utensil design elements and colours, which were unnecessary and confusing, and cheapened the brand, especially when appearing as a small logo as it would on most touchpoints. The change to a monochromatic logo gave it the flexibility to coexist with the many programs and sub brands under DCT, the fluidity to work with different themes year on year, and the recognisability to grow ADCS’ brand association as an iconic culinary platform in Abu Dhabi.

About Akkurat

A Modern Addition

Akkurat is a solid and reliable text font with remarkable legibility. Rooted in the tradition of pragmatic Swiss typography, the font is designed to combine the qualities of classic sans serif craft with appropriate contemporary freshness.



The sensorial capsule device

A Unifying Theme and Key Visual for 2020

We set out to create an all encompassing theme that not only brings together the different programs  under ADCS, but also transcends our pillars and global conversation. By taking a Journey Through Food, we set out to build long lasting connections to our city, region, guests, and the culinary industry in general. The glass dome visual device used was directly inspired by the brand symbol, as is it was created to symbolise the capturing of the sight, smell and taste of different key food categories, food as an art, artisanal coffee, hidden gems, and sweets/desserts.



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